Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas

Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund (CMaD) has been a successful charitable organization operating from the United Kingdom for more than 30 years, serving many needs in Africa and India, as well as a few in South America.

Recently we were asked to replicate this good work in the Americas . . . to do an effective job of raising money in Canada and the USA, and to identify and serve additional worthy international charitable needs in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

CMaFA's directors are:
Bro. Bruce Parker, Chicago, IL—Chairman
Sis. Joanie Parker, Chicago, IL—Secretary
Bro. Casey Opitz, Charlottesville, VA—Treasurer
Bro. Steve Johnson, Bloomington, IL—Director

Please contact us to discuss how you might be able to serve our neighbors through CMaDFA.

Of course, prayer is the greatest service, and we would ask that you join us in petitioning our Heavenly Father on behalf of those most in need.

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