Ronda Markwith

I am a voice…

- for a woman who is coming out of the sex trade
- for a woman who was previously toiling in a sweatshop
- for a woman who is struggling to feed and educate her children
- for a woman who needs medical care for her and/or her family
- for a woman who has been acid attacked
- for a woman who loves her family, and hopes and dreams for a better life for them

I am a voice for a woman who does not ask for a charitable handout, but asks for an opportunity to work to make a living wage. I am a voice for women from all over the world - including Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Uganda, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, The Phillipines, Cambodia, Haiti, and the USA.
Our artisans handcraft items such as jewelry, scarves, handbags, home decor, and more. My job as a Compassionate Entrepreneur is to share these beautiful, handcrafted, Fair Trade items with others and give them the opportunity to contribute by purchasing products that are useful to them and that help empower women out of poverty.
Please, take a look at my website and read about our artisans and how Trades of Hope is helping them to change their lives and the lives around them.
Be a world changer with me! Buy, Host, or Join to help make a difference!

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