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Desperate for efficient review systems? You’re among many, even millions, in education. At last, here’s an answer for students or e-text publishers.

Our company has created, arguably, a world's best software platform for review of e-textbook materials.

A two minute automated quiz-test starts it off. This early test nails down unknowns and tracks them until they are mastered. It reviews vocabulary- meanings, terms-definitions or questions-answers.

Next, the pre-test is auto-marked to forefront errors. Third is rehearsal of these from hyperlinked e-text support material. Fourth and more: Steps 1-3 are repeated with totally different quizzes until mastery is achieved. But to assure mastery, the error is only cancelled by correct responses on multiple and consecutive quizzes. Consequently the “Error” list steadily lessens until all weaknesses are gone. The result is total mastery! It’s revolutionary!

Students value Paideuo’s efficient use of study time because the volume of learning material diminishes as mastery grows. Instructors, on the other hand, appreciate the reduced need for review in class so they can get on with the course.

Publishers of e-texts find the Paideuo software a convenient hub for marshalling and promoting interaction with e-text support materials. Paideuo’s primary value for all is in establishing learning material in long-term memory, as indicated by higher test scores.

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