Sharon Caetano
Please check the websites out for more information! This is the first truly healthy chocolate, maintaining the benefits of raw cacao, blueberries, an... View Profile
Michael Nielsen
Specializing in fitness for older adults. Experience in the personal training field, group fitness, and general health and fitness. Would love to... View Profile
Angeluique Olwage
Angelique's Beauty Spa caters for all beauty requirements , wich includes everything from pedicures to skin rejuvination. View Profile
Dan Richard
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NOW Foods is largely owned by Christadelphians and our products are available at the lowest prices online at in Syracuse, NY. Just ke... View Profile
Penny West
Olivet is a Christadelphian Aged Care residential community. We currently care for 154 elderly, 110 of whom are Christadelphians. Olivet delivers high... View Profile
Anita Young
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I am a Holistic Pulsing therapist. This is a very gentle relaxing therapy where the person lies (fully dressed) on a massage table and is 'rocked'.... View Profile