The Fine Print
Christadelphian Yellowpages (CY) provides members with an opportunity to showcase talents, products, services, and information to the world. At the same time it provides visitors (members and non-members) an opportunity to see what talents, products, services, and information can be found within the Christadelphian community.

  • CY is intended for the use of anyone who comes across it.
  • CY Membership, is reserved for brothers and sisters of Christ. Joining requires a passkey which should be easily determined by any Christadelphian.
  • The CY development team reserves the right to modify and even remove information it deems inappropriate.
  • It is understood that all dealings which result from CY Membership be handled according to Scriptural principles and that as a member you will always "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  • Publishing information on the WWW means that anyone can find it, read it, and do what they will with it. Please do not publish anything in your profile you don't want the world to know about. For example, don't say, "Stop by my home address some evening (no one is ever home during the day) and we can talk."